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Foyle's War s8
amy is lovely
I had a bit of a day at work yesterday so what better way to relax than with episodes of Foyle's War? Now I know that some didn't like the transition to The Cold War and the move from straight out policeman to MI5 operative, but I find it really interesting. It's like an early Spooks/Foyle cross-over with loads of research. I actually even liked Sam's new husband, Adam, and his story of being an early post war Labor MP and the pressures that put on Sam (also though I like Max Brown, he never worked with Weeks for me). I like that the whole proceedings are gloomy looking and cynical and world weary. It feels realistic after the pomp of V Day.

I watched Sunflower. It was the best of the three by far, perhaps even one of the best episodes ever of Foyle's War and that ending!


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