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Doctor Who: Death in Heaven Reaction
Missy and 12
I have one thing to say.

Michelle Gomez is best and it will be the single greatest waste of a guest actor ever if the next time The Master comes back it isn't as Missy.


Bring Missy back in series 9.

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She was very good, wasn't she? I was tempted to say the best Master since Delgado, but then, on the basis of only one outing so far, that felt a little unfair to Anthony Ainley.

Many are saying she is and I am in that camp. I'd never heard of Gomez till Who but she stole the show and the finale. I loved every second she was on screen, even when she was blithely killing my fave's.

Two wonderful moments of note:

When she pretended to be a droid and her line starting "clara, clara, clara, clara..."


the selfies with the cybermen.

I'm gonna live happily in a 'Missy is still alive' bubble, until she comes back. And I'm gonna believe, very stubbornly, that she somehow teleported herself away, juuuust as the cyber-ray hit the spot where she stood. At this point, as sure of success as she is, she must've had a plan B. and C and D and E. :D She may be bananas <3 and overconfident, but not stupid. (I hope T_T)

Missy for next companion :D (or Missy the series, heh ^^ In which we follow The Master/The Mistress - depending on regeneration and what she prefers to call herself (himself) - as s/he plots, schemes, flirts, aquires companions, messes with the Doctor, and has the time of their life :D It'll never happen, of course, but oh, what fun it'd be ^^ Especially if it was mostly Gomez ^^)

(Ooh, or, at the very leasy, some DW Missy books! Wouldn't that be fun. And better than nothing. ^^)

(I have faith in Santa Moff, though. He can't just give us the Mistress, and then either kill her, or have her having regenerated the next time she shows up. Surely he can't? D:)

...Aaand the award for a comment longer than the entry to which it's a reply to, goes tooooooo *drumroll* xD (What can I say, I could go on forever about Missy. My new favorite topic ^^)

I'm the same. I was gay for River. I am now gay for Missy. True facts. Missy could have bought me with a kiss ;)

I feel like she could either have teleported or set herself up to be uploaded back into the neversphere. I don't care as long as Gomez is back. She stole the show from the main parts imo.

Mmm. Me too. I'm not sure if I should feel bad for that, but I would totally have become her companion, had she asked me xD Obviously I might have tried to steer her away from the most vicious plans, but still. She's just so... charismatic, and charming. ^^ <3

Yes, or that. But I agree, how she got away doesn't matter, just that she did. (I was intrigued by her from the start, but she didn't steal my heart until last week. But I have to say, the episodes without any mysterious appearance were a bit odd. It was a bit like "No Missy this week? *pouts disappointedly* :(" Hopefully Moffat won't be bothered by those few who weren't happy with Mistress. (I like Mistress; it has a nice ring to it ^^) )

It would be that you'd know her true depths but you'd turn a blind eye because you wouldn't want to know... like Lucy Saxon in Sound of Drums. So much charisma!

Missy was the main reason I kept watching in the middle few eps. Even in her second flashes across the screen, she was vastly entertaining!

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