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Doctor Who s4 Rewatch
Missy and 12
So I watched two more...

For some reason this one gets flung around a lot on best of lists. Though I enjoyed the guest star turn from Lesley Sharp, the story dragged for me.


This is one of RTD's best episodes even if Catherine overacted somewhat and Rose is still kinda annoying (but Billie is best). Still hate Donna's Mum. Probably the worst thing about this episode is knowing Donna's ending :(


Now I am watching Time of the Doctor. Because Matt Smith.

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I don't like Midnight. Never have, never will.

And Turn Left... is a good episode. A little heavy-handed in places, maybe, but that's RTD for you. I don't mind. :)

I debated whether or not to give it 6 or 7. I wasn't particularly wow'd, especially given the quality of other episodes.

I really like Turn Left- I think it asks some interesting questions and gave Donna a chance to be brilliant in an ordinary way.

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