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Desert Places: fic plus need con advice
Missy and 12
Title: Desert Places
Pairing: River/11th Doctor
Spoilers: None (AU fic)
Summary: For the spoiler_song ficathon with prompt "Desert Places." River and The Doctor are AU fluffy and banter a lot because it is so much fun to write.
Rating: I think it is pretty PG personally but I can change if anyone disagrees.
Word Count: 648 words (my shortest fic ever wooot)

They were sitting on a picnic blanket, the hot air thick and oppressive; the planet’s desert sands smacking up into their faces occasionally, grit sticking to their sweat and the lines of their forehead and mouths. A particularly bad sand blast had River’s hand come up to shield her eyes as she made a face at The Doctor.

“Whose idea was this again?”

“Oh...er...um...definitely yours as I recall.”

“Oh sweetie, don’t kid yourself.” She reached down a hand to stroke the soft silk pants they were both wearing. “Dressing up on the other hand and playing Arabian nights? Definitely my idea.”

He laughed with pretend disdain. “You archaeologist you! Role playing history itself! Very classy!”

Her eyes were boring into his now. “Better than you, who lives it.”

He leaned in towards her, tapped her on the nose playfully. Her Doctor’s special trait. “If I didn’t know you better that that, I’d think you were bitter about being only part Time Lord.”

She tilted her head back, unruly curls bouncing every which way, laughing with the hot sun beating down behind her, lighting up her whole face, highlighting the searing confidence that was always there, barely lingering these days beneath the surface, bubbling and overbrimming and damned sexy. “Doctor! You know me so much better than that!”

He grinned, all shy and boyish and excited. “I do, don’t I?”

“Intimately, sweetie.”

“Enough to forgive you for the now ridiculously outdated and outmoded Orientalism you’ve got us playing at...”

His cheeky grin was too much, as she giggled, rolling her eyes, “whatever will my fellow archaeologists say?”

"Oh...shut up Doctor Song.”

She raised an eyebrow, “sweetie?”

He was moving over, closer to her side of the picnic rug. “I couldn’t help it,” he said, “you’ve got the ‘he’s hot’ face on.”

“Get out of it Doctor.”

“But you do...”

“Yes, and you’ve got the ‘River is the sexiest lady in time and space’ face on. So?”

“My TARDIS is sexy. You’re... you’re...”

There was a dangerous glint in her eye.

“You’re Mrs Robinson.”

She threw a cushion at him. “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

Her smile was playful. “No, I don’t.” She closed the distance between them and he kissed her awkwardly. She loved the awkwardness. It was just so him. His hands moved up and down her back, restless, like he didn’t quite know where to put them. He probably didn’t. For a nine hundred year old Time Lord, he didn’t seem to have gotten out much. That, or her Doctor was just adorably adolescent.

“These silks are very pretty,” The Doctor said when she and he both came up for air.

“And I was so proud that you picked them out for me too. It’s usually me that gets stuck doing bargaining with the mercenaries.”

He was kissing her ear. “You’re a very bad influence on me, you bad, bad girl.”

“At least I'm your bad girl. By the way, I do love bold, bright colours,” she said fingering the blue green silk. “I can’t believe you tried wearing that veil though.” She pointed to a matching blue silk piece of fabric, still sitting where she had pulled it off.

He looked put out. “Why not? I wear veils now. Veils are cool.”

“No, my love, they are not.”

He frowned, and then grinned. “Well at least I have your gun locked up in the TARDIS. Besides, I have a better idea. Why don’t I take those clothes off you? They leave little to the imagination as it is.”

“Only if I get to take yours off first.”

They fell on top of each other, laughing, rolling about like two little children and perhaps part of them still was, would always be.

“And breathe.” The Doctor stopped kissing River. “I suppose there isn’t anyone around to watch us?”

River laughed. “You’re The Doctor. All of time and space is watching.”

He smiled as she began to unwrap the silk from around her body. “Nobody's watching then. At least no one who matters.”

Ok, so thanks to born_spook I know Alex is at the London con on July 10th AND I AM IN LONDON THEN. However, Karen is there on the 9th! WHICH POSES THE PROBLEM OF WHICH DAY DO I CHOOSE. If I got Saturday I get to stay the whole day and meet Karen (hopefully) but I would prefer to meet Alex on the Sunday. However, the thing is, I have to leave London by like 12 30pm to get to Oxford on the Sunday for 4pm. If the con is on Sunday at 9am and ends at 6pm, isn't that pushing it a lot to even factor in Alex? OH HELP ME PLEASE FLIST. DR WHO IS TORTURING ME AGAIN.

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The problem that I found with meeting Alex in Collectormania a while back is that I didn't get to meet her until really late. I mean, granted I arrived a couple of hours after the convention start time but its always a risk with a popular guest [and Alex was *incredibly* popular] that you won't get to meet them before you have to leave. You have a very short window in which to meet Alex.

I think you are right. I think I shall stick to the Potter premiere :/ Also, this be cheaper :P

Besides nothings stopping me from writing fan mail I suppose...

: ) There will always be another chance! I slightly regret my epic trip to Collectormania now Alex is going to LFCC.

The best chance you have of meeting Alex is to get an Early Bird ticket and get to the venue as early as you can. Even then, there's no guarantee you'll meet her, but you would give yourself a good chance.

I've just read your e-mail, so I'll reply to that now. ;)

OMG, I love the idea of the Doctor dressing them up and trying on a veil. Hahaha! The gentle bickering is lovely. And I adore when the Doctor makes fun of her for being an archeologist.

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