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"I Said Five Minutes" A Spooks/Doctor Who crossover fic
Missy and 12
Title: "I said Five Minutes"
Rating: PG
Characters: Ruth Evershed and Eleventh Doctor
Word Count: 1200 approx.
Notes: No spoilers for Spooks or Doctor Who unless you have yet to watch The Eleventh Hour. Inspired by lost_spook and belantana who started this insanity ;) Set at the start of s2 when Ruth is adorably hippie and still has a smile and a sense of faith in humanity. Think of this as a prologue. Assuming I get comments from someone, there will be more.

Ruth had just got a new job. Spies. How exciting! Well- actually she was a double agent she supposed. She’d had to make sacrifices to get out of GCHQ. Anyway, here she was, first week of her new job, wandering aimlessly around London because she had no friends in these parts. She’d thought about crashing Tom’s house but he’d mentioned a girlfriend- a Doctor or something she thought he’d said. Sounded like a short term rebound if you asked her (not that anyone did).

None of the others seemed like they’d listen to her thoughts on history and philosophy and all the rest of her embarrassing ramblings. Well- maybe Harry Pearce would have but he was her boss and therefore out of her league. Get out of it Ruth. He’s years older than you. She felt herself blushing amongst the tourists at Trafalgar Square. She’d just come out of The National Gallery. She’d had a wild urge to take a look at some of Vincent’s colourful paintings. She wasn't quite sure why.

She started to walk down the road towards Westminster. There was a park next to parliament and she had a book to read for her online reading group in two weeks time. She was going to sit outside under a tree somewhere while it was still warm enough to do so.

The breeze was cool on her face and for a second she stopped reading Jane Eyre and lay back, staring at the spires of Westminster. It was getting darker now anyway she supposed. If she kept reading she would strain her eyes.

At first she thought she was imagining things. She could see a big, blue object above the Big Ben spire. She rubbed her eyes, opened them again. She’d been reading far longer than she should have been if she was starting to imagine flying saucers in the sky.

A whirring noise was getting louder and the blue box was spinning faster and faster till it was just a vague blue shape melding with the afternoon sky. But the whirring was buzzing in her ears now and she could scarcely hear anything at all. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the object.

It landed in front of her on the grass and she stood up hurriedly, prepared to run all the way back to Thames House. This was her job wasn’t it? But something stopped her from moving. There was a golden glow coming from the doors and she couldn’t help but notice it was very beautiful. The doors themselves were painted dark blue and ‘police box’ was written across the left door.

Her mouth was hanging open as a young man with raggedy hair, green eyes and a cheeky grin stepped out of the box. His clothes were ripped and his joggers stood out as being surprisingly white.
“Sorry about that Amelia,” he said before she could ask anything herself. “The TARDIS has a mind of her own. Took me round three solar systems and back before I could get her back under control... ooohh the garden’s changed a lot since I was here last. Humans! Amazing creatures! You know... I never...” He peered at her closely. “Hmm must have underestimated the time difference. How many years is it then?” She noticed he was looking rather guilty.

“I’m... not Amelia,” Ruth managed to get out and interrupt the incessant flow. “It’s Ruth.”

“Ahh Ruth? Not Amelia. Obvious really. No red hair. I like red hair. Red hair is cool. Anyway, I’m The Doctor. Lovely to meet you. Can’t stay and chat. Where’s Amelia Pond?”

“Amelia Pond? Never heard of her.”

“But this is her garden, her house and I promised. I promised I’d be five minutes.”

“Look here... just who are you?”

He grinned like it was the best question in the world. “I’m The Doctor.”

She frowned. “Yes you said that. A Doctor? In a blue police box that flies above Westminster? What section of security are you in then?”

“Ohhh Ruth! It’s always secrecy and weapons and violence with you lot isn’t it. That’s why I like children. It’s the children who are innocent. I needed innocence. Been by myself for awhile. Started going a bit mad with only the TARDIS for company. Though I suppose she is sexy... don’t you think my TARDIS is sexy Ruth?”


“Right yes. Well never mind that now. I need to find Amelia Pond and OH... you just said I was flying over Westminster. Why would you say that Ruth? Why would a smart, intelligent woman like you say that...because... because I’m in a parallel universe. New rules, new coordinates. No, no, I would sense the difference in the air. Maybe its wrong time period. Yes. Could be that I suppose. NO, NO, NO, not the wrong time period. I promised her five minutes.” He was standing opposite Ruth now. He looked her up and down, his whole ungainly body moving up and down too as he peered into her eyes. She was too busy processing the ‘smart woman’ part of his diatribe to even register what exactly he was doing.

The Doctor tapped her playfully on the nose. “Oh very funny, very, very funny Ruth. I missed didn’t I? I missed her house. Wrong coordinates.” He nodded sagely. “Hmm yes that must be it Ruth. Well nice to meet you, sorry to bother you and all. Must be off. Planets and people to save. Never a day’s rest and all that and I have a date with Amelia Pond.”

Ruth was blinking confusedly but she comprehended enough to know he was leaving. She grabbed him by the shoulder. “Wait? What are you talking about? Planets? And just who is Amelia Pond? What do you want with her? You leave her alone!” He was a nutter. A complete and utter nutter!

He stared at her properly for the first time. “Just who are you Ruth? I said you were more intelligent than the average human and I was right.”

“Ruth Evershed. Company analyst,” she lied smoothly.

He laughed. “Sure you are... if you say so. Mum’s the word and all that.”

She glared at him. “So... you can fly that... thing.”

“Ohhh did you hear that Sexy? This one called you Thing. Thing.” He shook his head sorrowfully.

“Well what is it then?”

“Come on Ruth... keep up. I just told you. It’s my TARDIS. Time and relative dimension in space.”

She gasped. “A time machine and a space ship at the same time.

“Quick- I said you were quick. Ms Ruth Evershed I like you.” He held out his hand. “Well lovely to meet you. Got to be going and all that.”

“Will I ever see you again?” She could have kicked herself for sounding so desperate- so childish.

But he just winked. “You never know Ruth. A couple of days from now, a couple of months, a couple of years. There’s all of time and space to explore and only me left. Bad day. Lots of mistakes. I’ll tell you about it sometime... maybe...one day... in the future.” He suddenly turned serious. “But you know Ruth, I like you. Never say never eh? We’ll meet again... one day.”

With that he ran into the TARDIS as with a click of his fingers the door opened and then shut behind him just as rapidly. The whirring noise started up and the TARDIS flickered in front of her eyes. She brushed one foolish tear away as it vanished.

After ten minutes she began the long walk home, shaking her head at herself. Sometimes she really did let her imagination run away with her that bit too much. Besides she had work to do. There was always work to do when you didn't have a social life.

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Poor Ruth! I wouldn't wish a post-regeneration-Doctor on anyone!

By the way, it's "wandering" not "wondering", and "got" not "gotten"...

Eh thanks! That's what happens when you post in a hurry. *edits*

Yeah- he's kinda insanely confusing.

Actually, I'd describe him as 'manic' at that point...

There will be a time for less manic Doctor... next chapter ;)

I already left a comment on 'Spooky Doings' but thought I should probably have commented here, too, so here I am!

I love this - its the only other Spooks/Dr Who xover I've ever found other than my own ( http://edzel2.livejournal.com/?skip=60 )'The Master Chronicles: Book One' (and I'm continuing the association in Book Two), so I was very pleased to see this!

And I have just this minute thought of a different Spooks crossover... how about Spooks/Life on Mars? I'm imagining Lucas fetching up in either 1974 or 1982 to be greeted by the Gene Genie.... okay, so I know Lucas isn't a copper, but maybe the time stream got a bit messed up... sure I could find a way around it, lol! Trouble is, I've got a mass of WiP's on my hard drive already so it won't be written any time soon... maybe I'll post the suggestion over on Spooky Doings and perhaps someone will pick it up and run with it...!

Anyway, just wanted to say that I love this and I could see Ruth as a Companion - she and Eleven share a similar gaucheness, don't they?

Hi! I am most definitely writing more though I am undecided if that more will be with s2-3 Ruth or skip ahead to post 8.1 Ruth OR MAYBE EVEN BOTH?

Both lost_spook and belantana have some. I will link you when I find the links again :) They are over at the nicola_walker comm in a rec post :)

Ha! If you wrote LOM/Spooks I'd read it but alas I do not really have the time to write it.

I love Eleven and I love Ruth therefore there should be MANY MANY FICS.

Oooh what Spooks characters are there? I LOVE Simm Master!!! I wrote multiple fics of him and Lucy on ff.net :)

Hee! Very nice. Silly Doctor :) And poor Ruth! *hugs her*

Silly Doctor is the best kind!

lol I couldn't help myself :P

You writing this reminds me of the day I posted this TV meme and I said Ruth would make a great companion to Nine or Ten, and you said "Why not Eleven?" or something. And you finally wrote Ruth/Doctor so yay! :)

I'll be looking forward to reading more! Will the Doctor get it wrong and come back years later again, with an older Ruth, or will you only write early days Ruth? Anyway, it was really nice (you made me read Eleven fic because of Ruth, you bad, bad woman. ;)

Wow I forgot about that! But yeah- I was going to write Eleven/Ruth from the second I read belantana fic involving Eleven/Rory/Amy and Ruth!!!

I want to write in some post George Ruth but I am unsure if she will meet The Doctor again in early days first. What do you think?

Well, given the quite important difference between early days Ruth and post-George Ruth, maybe a second encounter around s4 or 5? That way the Doctor would be surprised because she's already changed, but he'll be even more so when he meets her again post-8.1. But then again, that's only the way I see it my mind. :)

You know- that is exactly what I am planning on doing!

Hahaha, more Doctor/Ruth fic, excellent. The Doctor thinks Ruth is Amelia Pond! I love this.

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