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Almost Here Chapter Two- A Spooks fic
Missy and 12
Well. It took me awhile but a second chapter is finally here. I will work on Chapter Two of my Doctor Who crossover tomorrow.

Title: Almost Here
Genre Crossover fic (Harry Potter and Spooks), multi chapter fic, supernatural themed
Spoilers: For all of Harry Potter and Spooks
Characters: Ruth Evershed, Danny, Dumbledore, references to other Spooks
Rating: PG for themes to do with death?
Word Count 1000 words approx
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Harry Potter. This is J.K Rowling's intellectual property. Nor do I own Ruth or anyone else from Spooks. Kudos does. No matter how much I wish they didn't after the nihilistic finale.

Chapter One is here: I'll be waiting for you

She wanted to ask him what he was doing here but that would be insensitive. She had been at Danny’s funeral after all and he like her was dead. Her hand was on his cheek and he was smiling.

“It’s alright Ruth. The old man is gone. He has to see to the many. There are more than just us two. So, we can talk, at last. Here there are no security breaches, no threats, no bombs. Just the mists and ourselves and all of the time in the world.”

She spun around to check for the white bearded man anyway. He had irritated her with his nuggets of insufferable wisdom. Somehow she felt it would be like him to eavesdrop on private conversations.

Danny raised an eyebrow as he gestured towards the nearest station bench. “Everyone comes here eventually and the old man is here to greet them. He is wise you know Ruth. Don’t underestimate his words.”

“You’ve matured since I last saw you.”

“Believe me. I’ve had years. I know what you’re thinking. If the old man is right and we are truly in between, and I assure you, we are, then others you have known have passed by.”

“Onto a train?”


“Oh Danny!”

“The last man I met here called himself Lucas North. Took me an age to get any sense out of him. He spoke Russian for months and nothing else. He cried and raged until he found the blonde lady. She never spoke to me. Very severe. He called her Ros as she berated him for a fool and then laughed. Reminded him that colleagues were always O.K and that they would take the next step together. They wrenched the doors of the train open and as this Lucas looked at Ros all of the pain in his eyes seemed to drain away and her cold shell shrivelled. Just a fraction. Just for a second. But I saw it.”

Ruth could hardly speak. Poor, confused Lucas. He might have kidnapped her, drugged her and destroyed another part of Harry, but she had long ago forgiven him for his failures. She had believed that Lucas was a good man who had put his foot forwards on the wrong path. A second on that path was all it took for a life to unravel; a second on that path was all that had been needed to let evil in. Lucas had been loyal and weak and corruptible but that didn’t make what had come before any less significant, any less important. She had trusted him, envied his unswerving loyalty, called him a friend. Once.

She managed a brief smile. “I am glad he and Ros found happiness. Tell me... did you ever... did you meet a young woman named Jo?” She tried not to think about the day Harry had received that phone call. The day she had sobbed uselessly against Harry’s office wall. Jo had brought Ruth back, helped her see something in her life beside useless mourning and then just like that, she had been snuffed out.

“She was a beautiful soul. I could see that. Zaf told me he had to wait for her. He told me that when he left you he made a promise to smile at all of the pretty girls for you, but always he smiled at Jo, the prettiest girl he knew.”

The incorporeal tears fell again. “He would say that. Zaf... was a good friend to me.”

Danny nodded. “He waited for Jo and then they waited for Ros together. Zaf didn’t mind. He’d waited for Jo once already, what difference did a few more years in limbo make? Well- Ros turned up on the heels of an explosion and flames. Jo spoke to Ros eventually. Said she had forgiven Ros from the moment it had happened, but had Ros ever forgiven herself? They all moved on eventually. See Ruth- we’re all here to face our pasts, to forgive ourselves and each other. The good times matter here Ruth. They always did. Only sometimes we need a catalyst to help us see it.”

“Have you seen all of my friends move on then? Colin? Fiona? Adam?”

He laughed. “I never saw them. I am not the gatekeeper between the worlds Ruth. That is another’s job.”

“Dumbledore? But then why are you still here? Unless...?”

“No Ruth.” He shook his head. “I am not like you. I have seen Zoe in the mists with Will. I have seen their child and their life. I have moved on.”

She tried again. “Then something from before?”

“My poor, brilliant Ruth. Don’t you see? Haven’t you guessed?”

His knowing smile got to her. She had somehow forgotten how moody and arrogant Danny could be. Death dulled the negative aspects of a person over time. Especially if you had cared about them deeply. “I’ve been here for a couple of hours at most. Most of which was spent in near hysteria with a white bearded mystical know it all named Dumbledore who claims to be a wizard. Oddly enough, no, I have not had time to think about why you’re still here.”

He laughed. “I deserved that.”

“Yes, you did.”

He was serious now. “I made a promise to a friend a long time ago...”

Her breath caught. She remembered Forrestal and a dinner date gone horribly wrong and diamonds, diamonds held in front of her face gloatingly, her wrists aching from the ropes. She saw Danny finding her first, telling her over and over, “you are safe.” She remembered the texture of the coarse blanket he placed around her shoulders, the pressure of Danny’s hand on her back. Comforting. She remembered her own frightened, terrified voice. “Promise me something Danny. Promise me we’ll never end up as bitter and as twisted and as alone as he was. Promise me.”And he solemn and still hurting over Zoe, “I won’t ever leave you Ruth. I’ll always be here for you.”

Those pesky tears were back. “You waited all of this time... for me?”

“I made a promise.”

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Awwww... Awwww... Excuse me while I go sit in a corner and cry.

"He cried and raged until he found the blonde lady. [...] Just for a second. But I saw it.”

"Zaf told me he had to wait for her. He told me that when he left you he made a promise to smile at all of the pretty girls for you, but always he smiled at Jo, the prettiest girl he knew.”

Those pesky tears were back. “You waited all of this time... for me?”
“I made a promise.”

Oh my heart. Oh Ros, oh Lucas. And Jo and Zaf, and Danny was waiting for Ruth all this time (though I'd guessed that, Ruth was a bit slow for once :).
Well, probably the less constructive comment ever; I loved it, can you tell? Is this the end btw?


lol Well to be fair to Ruth she had just died and been told crazy stories about boy wizards before meeting Danny.


Excuse me too while I go join Matilda in her weepy corner....

awww sorry for the tears. BUT I HAD TO WRITE IT.


*continues sobbing*

Squee! I haven't read it yet because I don't read WIPs - will wait till it's all done and am already looking forward to it very much. I did a Spooks/Harry Potter crossover - see my AO3 stuff - - not really centred round Ruth but she does make an appearance. (It was an AU set in Regency England...)*is excited*

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